Ancient Arabian Mythology

Ancient Arabian mythology

Arab’s collection of gods:
▪ Aglibol
▪ Allah
▪ Al-Qaum
▪ al-Lāt, al-‘Ilāhat
▪ Astarte
▪ Atargatis (Syrian)
▪ Atarsamain
▪ Beelshamen
▪ Bēl, Baʕl, Bēl-Šamīn
▪ Bes (Egypto-Arabic)
▪ Dhu’l-Halasa

Arabian mythology is the ancient, pre-Islamic beliefs of the Arab people. Prior to Islam the Kaaba of Mecca was covered in symbols representing the myriad demons, djinn, demigods, or simply tribal gods and other assorted deities which represented the polytheistic culture of pre-Islamic Arabia. It has been inferred from this plurality an exceptionally broad context in which mythology could flourish. Many of the physical descriptions of the pre-Islamic gods are traced to idols, especially near the Kabba, which is asserted to have contained up to 360. Continue reading